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Are We Missing Focus?

I am naturally a fast eater. I am the person who has finished their salad, fries and sandwich while everyone else at the table has only touched half their sandwich. And, lately, I am eating faster. I realize that I am eating faster so I can rush to the next thing I have to do…if I am not already eating and talking, eating and typing, eating and logging in. Not only does my digestive health suffer, but so does all the other tasks that I am doing with my minimal attention. Bottom line, I have no focus…and I am not alone. Society on a whole seems to have adopted a fast-paced multi-tasking way of life that affects our ability to center on one task without distraction.  How are we supposed to accomplish anything if we don’t focus?

How many things are on your “to-do” list? How often do you tell yourself that you will call a friend or email a co-worker and then get distracted with something else equally important? Do you spend your day feeling rushed and “out of sorts”? It seems as if people are moving so fast, multi-tasking at rapid rates, yet they are not taking care of anything. Things are not accomplished with pride of a dedicated job well-done, but rather a job crossed off their list. How often have you thought “okay, I did that, now I can do this” with no stopping in between? Our lives have become unbalanced. Without focus, the ability to direct our mind upon one thing without distraction, we have no balance. Without balance we have no foundation. Without foundation we have no stability. Without stability we are easily distracted, easily winded, easily knocked over, unable to withstand confrontation, hardship, and unexpected events.

Focus is not easy. What can you do to settle down and engage completely in one activity. Pick one thing today that you will give yourself over to…whether it is washing the dishes, helping with homework, or shopping for a new pair of pants. Work to focus on the moment. Try not get on the phone, respond to a Facebook update, or change your status. When something else pops in your head that you must do, let it go, knowing that task will get your attention later. See what happens when begin to find your balance in your life. One step, one task, one breath at a time.

Enjoy Your Day!


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2 thoughts on “Are We Missing Focus?

  1. This message, is matchless))), very much it is pleasant to me 🙂
    dieta 1000 kalorii

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