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Honor limitations. Transcend Boundaries.

Would you cross a bridge if someone said there was a troll underneath?

Budda said “The mind is everything; what you think, you become.”  I moved to Portland, Oregon in August and was well-prepared for all the rain that was sure to come…and it has. Yet, all the gloominess isn’t here. Actually, except for a couple of stormy days, the sun has made an appearance at least once a day. I am aware of this because I expected to live in darkness lit up by super impressive vitamin-D shinning light bulbs for 6 months. Now don’t get me wrong it is not Colorado with 300 days of sun, I do have to take a vitamin D capsule everyday. Yet, when I talk with people it seems they begin to talk about all the rain (which often creates a beautiful mist over the river that is contrasted against the all the green) and I always mention that the sun comes out at least once a day, even if only for a few minutes, and after a pause they slowly begin to nod in agreement recognizing that this is something they have never really noticed. Often so busy looking at the rain and gray they miss where the sky opens up and shines on them. I think we go through much of our day with selective viewing — failing to see some of the bountiful beauty that surrounds us. When we become set on one way of thinking (“Portland is always gray and rainy”) that becomes our reality. How many of life’s gifts do we miss by not allowing each day to be different from the one before? So, if what we think is what we become, ask yourself, how are your habitual thought patterns limiting your scope, your vision, and who you are?


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