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Are You Eating the Second Most Toxic Substance on Earth for Humans?

I am knee deep in detoxification information — the systems in the body, the way toxins enter our bodies, what constitutes a toxin, etc–and I discovered a piece of information that left my mouth open and gaping wide. In Detox Diets for Dummies (don’t knock the …For Dummies books — they are a wealth of straight-forward information), I learned that mercury is the most toxic substance for human beings after plutonium (which is radioactive). AND then I read that a first step in making high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is to soak the corn in mercury.  I am not a fan of HFCS and try to avoid it on all costs but this is what really blew me away: The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy did a study that showed that half of the processed foods they test which listed HFCS as the first or second ingredient, these products contained mercury. Please check your labels and  don’t eat HFCS — be kind to your body, you have no clue how long you will be in it.


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