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November 25, 2011: After Thanksgiving Detox Yoga Flow

Thank you to everyone who came out today!

Here is the flow that we did today in class — please follow it all home when you need to get deeper into your system.Please don’t hesitate to contact me — THANK YOU!

When do yoga here is a basic outline of how the different types of poses are helpful to aid in detoxification:                                                                                                                                        Standing postures: develop power and stability in the lower body and aid in digestion, circulation, mobility, balance, posture, and mental focus.                                                           Inverted postures: reverse the effects of gravity; stimulate the brain, organs and glands; and improve digestion and elimination.                                                                                                                              Back-bending postures: keep the spine supple and release emotional energy.                                                                                                                                               Twisting postures: detoxify the glands and organs and improve circulation to the spine.                                                                                                                                                Forward-bending postures: soothe the nervous system and increase circulation.           Seated and relaxation/reclining postures: reduce fatigue, soothe the nervous system, aid in digestion and elimination, and bring focus to the mind

Today’s flow:                                                                                                                                        Seated mediation/Pranayama

Cat/cow with knee crunches

Ragdoll: relax belly

Samasthihi (Standing at attention)

SUN A 3x

Sun B :1st Crescent Lunge


2nd  Crescent w/ fist pumps 3x to warrior 3 supported

3rd Crescent w/ fist pumps, Warrior 3, warrior II/triangle w/ dynamic movement 3x

4th  Crescent w/ fist pumps, Warrior 3, warrior II to Triangle

Utthita Hasta Pandangustasana (hand to toe standing posture)

pyramid to standing splits

Dhanuransana – Floor Bow (expansion through intercoastals, increasing lung capacity)

Revolved standing hand to Big toe pose (pressure in ascending colon and liver)

Revoled chair pose – step back to revolved crescent lunge

Revolved triangle

Revolved half moon



Apanasana (knees in your chest)

Bridge 2x: stretches the entire front of the body pancreas, intestines, heart, liver, lungs, etc…charges directly into the kidneys



Janu sirsansana

Halasana (plow) to Fish

Eagle Twists


Thank you!!!


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One thought on “November 25, 2011: After Thanksgiving Detox Yoga Flow

  1. Thank you, Kimi! Loved the class, and it was super nice of you to send us home with tea and a detox cheat sheet. You’re really good at what you do. Lucky to have you here in town!

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