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Utilizing My Voice: Doing What I Can To Make a Difference

We have all heard that we have a responsibility to the future and thatwhat we do today will affect the seventh generation and because of this we must bear in mind our responsibility to them today and always“. We cannot keep consuming and taking from this Earth — we have got to find out how to give back.

Have you ever seen a picture or heard a story that just made your heart hurt? I had that experience today when I saw a picture of an orangutan and her baby. The picture, the cruelty humans inflicted is not necessary to discuss, but I cried and asked “what can I do to make things a bit better? What is my part in this affair?”.

The rainforests, Earth’s lungs, are home to orangutans. Right now, deforestation by palm oil companies and land-use, illegal trading, hunting, and forest fires threatens the survival of orangutans. At the rate we are depleting the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia not only are we threatening human survival but conservationists predict orangutangs will be extinct within ten years.What are we leaving for our kids’ children? How are we making this world great when we are stealing from it?

So, what can I do about this? I can write a note on Facebook to draw awareness to this problem, I can post on my website, I can boycott palm oil, I can do further research about how my consumer behaviors affect the rest of the world, I can tweet, and I can donate money to groups that I believe really are on the front lines working to save orangutans, humans, Earth, and life as we know it.  This is what I can do.


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