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My May Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration of principles. Sianna Sherman asked people to write a manifesto for May. A manifesto is a great opportunity to put your greatest desires into the world and watch the extraordinary effect you have on the people around you. Each time you set an intention, whether inwardly or aloud, whether in yoga class or under the full moon, whether to a lover or a friend, you are allowing for a wish to began to manifest.  When you speak your intentions aloud your ears hear what your heart whispers.

Here is my May manifesto:

I spend much of my time in my head looking out. Instead of chastising myself for this, I will continue to look out to ask the questions, but look within for the answers.

I will no longer be afraid of my intuition, my inspiration, my light, but rather foster it.
I will foster my light as I foster others’ light.
I will not hide from my passion or think myself unworthy of my potential.

I will let go of judgements and see the beauty in everyone.

I will allow myself to cry when my heart breaks…and when it rejoices.

I will hold myself up and help others by letting them stand on my shoulders when they can’t see.

I will raise a child with my chest exposed and provide a nurturing home to all beings: two-legs, fins, scales, 4-legs, wings…there will be no difference.

I will see when I need to rest and honor that time.

Life sometimes asks me to take the shape of warrior II, sometimes vasisthasana, and sometimes balasana: I will honor all stages, all transitions, with patience.

Ultimately, I will remember that even a bird learns how to fly.


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