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Seeds of Intention

Surya, Hindu Sun God

Surya, Hindu Sun God

Once upon a time when the last age ended, the Hindu deity Brahma awoke from his sleep in the cosmic egg. He broke the egg open and the sound OM arose. From the outer shell he made the land and mountains, from the inner shell the sky and atmosphere. The liquid became the rivers and oceans. The yoke rose as the sun and there was a great cry as life began. This rejoice can be heard every morning by the birds and animals as the sun rises.

The sun’s cycle of rise and rest is one we, the land, and animals instinctively follow. In winter, as the sun sets early, plants go underground, trees lose their leaves, bears hibernate, and humans spend their evenings hunkered on sofas, beds, and barstools. This week the Northern Hemisphere honors the start of spring – the time when the sun god, Surya, sits in the sky longer lengthening the days. Spring is when Surya and Mother Earth are waking and rising from the dark and barrenness of winter and as they awake the entire Northern Hemisphere lights up.

Spring is here and with the fuel from solar power we will experience burst of vigor and energy. This is a time of rebirth, renewal, and personal growth. Last week I was exhausted; my students were exhausted. A heavy mist seemed to envelope and weigh down most everybody. Many people were blaming the hour change as the reason for this onslaught of lethargy but I think it went deeper than just an hour change. Our bodies are one with Earth. We are made up of various elements among which are oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. As the Northern Hemisphere begins to awaken, so do our own bodies. I believe that people were extra tired because on an intuitive level our bodies and spirit went within to prepare for the outpouring of energy that is inevitable with spring. To emerge from our cocoons and for the buds to break through the frozen earth takes an extra force. Just as I rest before a big event or a late night, my body relaxed in preparation of the blooming that will occur over the next few months.

The next few months are about growth, moving upward and out, and fresh starts. Look around and you will see babies of all kinds, emerging shoots in vegetable gardens, and blooming flowers. The seeds of intention you planted at the New Year may begin to blossom. With the longer days, comes warmer weather and people shed winter layers. This includes internal spring cleansing. Find time to lay down and imagine all the tensions, hurts, and resentments from your past move out your body through the soles of your feet. Inhale to fill your body with light and use the exhale to scrap the build-up of winter away. Recall an incident or person that still makes your blood boil, or face redden and instead of pushing the feelings and memory away, thank the experience and honor the lessons you have learn. You are now stronger because of that incident or person.

After releasing your past, come to a seated position and with your hands stacked over your heart center, ask yourself: “what would I like to bring into my life?” The answer may come as a feeling, a sensation, or thought. Don’t strain or push but find joy in indulging in your dreams. Maybe spend some time making a vision board (see below); or writing down what you want in your life; drawing or doodling a picture; singing a song; or ecstatically dancing to your own tune. Spring with its rain shower, longer days, and some times sudden snowfalls, asks for creativity and flexibility. Tune into Surya, the sun deity, ground into the Goddess Earth, and experience the joy that is your life.

Vision Board

A very blurry picture of my vision board

A very blurry picture of my vision board

A vision board is a tool to help you focus on what you want to manifest in your life. Anything goes – you can create your board as you wish. Fill it full of inspirational words or pictures that help you visualize what you want in your life and how you want to live your life. I LOVE them and often put mine on the wall by my bed so I can be reminded of how I want to live my life. To create more of a ceremonial (and super fun) experience, I like to get a few friends together with some wine (if you are over 21).

How to Create a Vision Board:

Magazine and any pictures you like
Markers, crayons, pens, etc
Poster board

Cut out pictures that appeal to you and paste them on the poster board in any way you want. Draw on the board if it appeals to you. ANYTHING GOES – this is yours…no judgment and no perfection. Remember nobody else has to see your board.


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2 thoughts on “Seeds of Intention

  1. Spring is such a refreshing time to think about renewal! Thanks for the great post.

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