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indexI will be teaching a YOGIC LORE FLOW class at Stretch 4 Survivors.  Stretch 4 Survivors is a yoga charity event with 24 different yoga classes over a 24 hour period benefiting local women with breast cancer. This event was created with the idea that “breast cancer never sleeps”. This unique experience has something for everyone and has a wide variety of yoga classes to choose from like Power Vinyasa, Singing Bowls Meditation, Kids Imagination Yoga, and Chair Yoga for those less mobile or experienced.

The purpose of Stretch 4 Survivors is to raise money for programs that directly benefit local Portland/Vancouver area women with breast cancer and to bring awareness toward the benefits of yoga for the mind, body, and soul.

I will be at 11pm on April 13th. About my class:
“Yogic Lore Flow is a vinyasa flow class set against the background of one of the Hindu myths. You will discover, uncover, and delve deeper within yourself while you move and flow to the stories that inspired the poses. Expect to be guided, alongside a mythic God, Goddess, or animal, through a fun, yet challenging, flow sequence. Inspired by the continuous flow of breath through our body, Kimi guides students through their practice by riding the waves of their breath, continually aligning breath and body into a rhythmic flow of consciousness. Kimi pays special attention to
alignment, core strength, and balance. Kimi has master’s degree in literature and she loves to combine the power of stories with her love for yoga. Come ready to feel empowered as you transform your body, mind and spirit.”

One thought on “WORKSHOPS and EVENTS

  1. This sounds like an awesome series. I’ve been looking for a chance to get some guided exploration of the teachings of yoga along with the physical practice. Thank you, Kimi!

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