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Surpassing the lion’s pride, we acknowedge the mouse’s strength

When I was a teenager, I once told my mom “I wish I had perfect legs,” without hesitating, she replied “You do — you can walk.” The simple truth of this statement stunned me and, temporarily, made me realize how strong my body was.  But, being a teenager, I found a way to shrug it off and continue to covet the aesthetic qualities of “perfect” legs. A few months ago I received a ticket for texting while driving and was given the option of attending a high risk driving course to help offset the fine.  Of course, I took the class. Like my mother’s statement, this class opened my eyes to the magnitude of my strength and power…and my tendencies to take this power for granted.

I feel as if so many of us go through our days on auto pilot–the same routines, the same thought patterns. And then we get into our yoga practice and try to push ourselves past our abilities of that moment. We push ourselves by often criticizing or harshly judging ourselves. How often do you wish you were like someone else? Or get jealous because someone else can do something better than you? Or look down at yourself because you can’t hold a pose or get into an arm balance?

During the high risk drivers course, trauma survivors spoke about their life since their car accident. The speakers varied in their mental and physical capabilities: some could no longer walk, some could barely speak due to brain injuries and/or physical limitations, one had lost his short term-memory. What was consistent in all of these stories was their human capacity to survive. All of the speakers spoke of learning to speak again, to read again, to learn to feed and dress themselves again, and for those who could walk — learning to walk again. I listened to the stories, taking note how some speakers struggled just to move and to speak,  I was reminded how strong and powerful we all are. I became to appreciate my own self-appointed “flaws.” I put aside my inadequacies, and ego, light of my new found awareness of my very capable body.

In the following days as I taught my yoga classes, I could see my students struggling with their own bodies, frustrated at poses they felt they could not do, even frustrated when they needed to rest.  With my students, I shared the gift these speakers had given me — the reminder that we are strong, able-bodied human beings. While some people struggle to feed themselves, we are blessed to have the luxury to get frustrated with ourselves because we can’t do the splits while balancing on our hands!

In yoga, many times we see a complicated pose and struggle to get there, upset that we can’t do the pose, we get down on ourselves. I told them the stories I heard hoping they would understand how strong, capable, and powerful they are and, more importantly, honor their bodies by being acknowledging that what they can do is magnificent.  Instead of judging ourselves for what we are unable to do, must be thrilled of what we are fully capable of doing. We must always aspire for something a bit higher, a bit further, in order to keep our mind, body and spirit stimulated, but in order to fully reach those places, we also need to sit back, rest, and honor where we are.


November 25, 2011: After Thanksgiving Detox Yoga Flow

Thank you to everyone who came out today!

Here is the flow that we did today in class — please follow it all home when you need to get deeper into your system.Please don’t hesitate to contact me — THANK YOU!

When do yoga here is a basic outline of how the different types of poses are helpful to aid in detoxification:                                                                                                                                        Standing postures: develop power and stability in the lower body and aid in digestion, circulation, mobility, balance, posture, and mental focus.                                                           Inverted postures: reverse the effects of gravity; stimulate the brain, organs and glands; and improve digestion and elimination.                                                                                                                              Back-bending postures: keep the spine supple and release emotional energy.                                                                                                                                               Twisting postures: detoxify the glands and organs and improve circulation to the spine.                                                                                                                                                Forward-bending postures: soothe the nervous system and increase circulation.           Seated and relaxation/reclining postures: reduce fatigue, soothe the nervous system, aid in digestion and elimination, and bring focus to the mind

Today’s flow:                                                                                                                                        Seated mediation/Pranayama

Cat/cow with knee crunches

Ragdoll: relax belly

Samasthihi (Standing at attention)

SUN A 3x

Sun B :1st Crescent Lunge


2nd  Crescent w/ fist pumps 3x to warrior 3 supported

3rd Crescent w/ fist pumps, Warrior 3, warrior II/triangle w/ dynamic movement 3x

4th  Crescent w/ fist pumps, Warrior 3, warrior II to Triangle

Utthita Hasta Pandangustasana (hand to toe standing posture)

pyramid to standing splits

Dhanuransana – Floor Bow (expansion through intercoastals, increasing lung capacity)

Revolved standing hand to Big toe pose (pressure in ascending colon and liver)

Revoled chair pose – step back to revolved crescent lunge

Revolved triangle

Revolved half moon



Apanasana (knees in your chest)

Bridge 2x: stretches the entire front of the body pancreas, intestines, heart, liver, lungs, etc…charges directly into the kidneys



Janu sirsansana

Halasana (plow) to Fish

Eagle Twists


Thank you!!!

Day After Thanksgiving Detox Yoga Class

For those of you living in or near the Portland, Oregon area — join me at the After-Thanksgiving Detox Yoga class, 10am at Yoga Bhoga. In this 90 minute yoga class, we will work to aid the body in moving, digesting and eliminating your Thanksgiving indulgences (including the stress of all your loved ones around). Eat, love, laugh, enjoy and I’ll see you Friday morning.

Are You Eating the Second Most Toxic Substance on Earth for Humans?

I am knee deep in detoxification information — the systems in the body, the way toxins enter our bodies, what constitutes a toxin, etc–and I discovered a piece of information that left my mouth open and gaping wide. In Detox Diets for Dummies (don’t knock the …For Dummies books — they are a wealth of straight-forward information), I learned that mercury is the most toxic substance for human beings after plutonium (which is radioactive). AND then I read that a first step in making high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is to soak the corn in mercury.  I am not a fan of HFCS and try to avoid it on all costs but this is what really blew me away: The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy did a study that showed that half of the processed foods they test which listed HFCS as the first or second ingredient, these products contained mercury. Please check your labels and  don’t eat HFCS — be kind to your body, you have no clue how long you will be in it.

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